It’s easy to miss the sacredness of everyday life. To mistake the magic that happens there for something ordinary.
Here, we cross the threshold of your home and capture the essence of the souls who dwell there. We shine a light onto the moments almost missed.
A knowing look.
A wobbly cartwheel.
Shared laughter.
Shared meals.

It’s all sacred. And it’s all yours.

Life with small children is as precious as it gets. We all wish we could pause time, keep them little and savour that cheekiness.

The Family Film video package is for families who want moving memories of this moment in time. To capture the pure and wild nature of life with littles.

Family films are a way to hold onto the unique tales of your home life. The sheet cubbies, the tree climbing, the science experiments, the dinner time stories and everything in between. We want to take your home life and help show you how sacred it really is.

What it is:

We film half a day in the life of your family, then I sew it together into a 3-5 minute music film.

We capture footage of the people who make up your family. At this point in time. With these personalities.
And those small moments of connection.

How it works:

  • First, we book a discovery session: I come out to your home and meet your family. I get a feel for who you are and your rhythms and values (and check out the lighting situation whilst I’m there).
  • Then, we book a date for me to come and shoot a half day (approx. 6 hours) with you all. We film around your home as well as one other location that is important to you.

What you receive:

  • A special keepsake time capsule, in the form of a 3-5 minute music film of a day in the life of your family.
  • Fully licensed music chosen by me to suit your vibe.
  • A web-optimised version for social media.
  • Your film will be added to our collection on vimeo.

What you get:

Investment: $1,550

FREquently asked questions
Can our grandparents be a part of it?
Grandparents or extra family members aren’t included in the family film package. Please get in touch to discuss alternative packages.
Can we decide which part of the day you come?
Certainly. I want to capture you when it matters most to you. If breakfast is big in your house, I come early. If twilight brings you to life, I come late afternoon.
What will we be doing in the film?
You do you. Whatever is characteristic of you and your people. Whatever makes you happy. The sacred every-day activities of life as a family.
If you read, you can read.
If you bake, you can bake.
If you dance, you can dance.
If you hang laundry, you can hang laundry.
What if my kids are upset?
There’s no greater magic than resting in the arms of a mother. I love to capture the low moments too. Life isn’t all highlights after all. But if your child needs space, space it will be! 
Join the tradition