Grandparents are the keepers of times long past.
They are the holders of culture, traditions, and the history that doesn’t always make the books. They hold warm memories of lives well lived and are deep caverns of wisdom.

The Heritage Film is all about capturing the tales of our elders.
It’s about the grandparents - for the generations to come.
It’s about the heart of who they are and the stories that shaped them.

The Heritage Film is filmed as a documentary style interview, with accompanying footage.

We interview your family elders as they talk about a simpler time and pass down their wisdom and the legacy of their family heritage. 
The Heritage Film is a way of keeping history colourful and personal, with the wonderful stories and lives of our older generations.

What it is:

A mini documentary about the life of your parent/grandparent. A mixture of a sit down interview, as well as candid footage of them in their space doing what they love to do - whether cooking, gardening, crafting etc.

How it works:

  • I have a phone conversation with the person who has booked the package.
  • I go and meet your parent/grandparent and get to know them, and suss out their space for our session together.
  • We book a date or dates for me to come and film both the interview and the candid footage.
  • I go and film with them in the comfort of their home and in one other location of their choosing.

What you receive:

  • A piece of history to hand down to your children, in the form of a 10-15 minute film of your grandparent’s story as well as footage of their day to day life. 
  • Accompanying licenced music chosen by me to suit the story.
  • A web optimised version for social media.
  • Your film will arrive online, in a personal gallery for you to download.

What you get:

Coming soon.....

Investment: $3,800

FREquently asked questions
Can there be others around when you are filming?
Unfortunately, the day of filming will be limited to myself and your parent/grandparent. This makes it much simpler to keep the noise levels and distractions to a minimum.
Will they be given a heads up about the questions you’ll be asking?
I’ll provide a list of questions and prompts prior to the day of filming to give them a bit of thinking time! There are always moments, as we shoot secondary footage where they will begin candid stories that I will endeavour to capture also.

However, if your elders have additional needs, please don’t hesitate to chat it through with me!
What if we don’t have children, but want a Heritage film of our parents?
Your parents don’t need to have grandchildren to be a part of a Heritage Film! This can be a special keepsake for you and your siblings also!
Join the tradition