Speckled amongst the carefully chosen flowers, charming outfits and powerful rituals on your wedding day, is the heart and soul of your togetherness. 
Almost invisible to the naked eye…but thankfully not to my camera and it’s magical powers :)
Hi, I'm Jarrod - your Melbourne wedding videographer!

Weddings are such momentous occasions, and finding the perfect wedding videographer can seem a difficult task. So instead of looking for the best wedding videographer, maybe you can begin with you. 
What moves you? 
What kinds of wedding videos make your heart dance? 

Our Folklore Wedding Films are both deeply personal and universally resonant. They capture all the details that you lovingly curated, but more so than this - they capture the energy and atmosphere that permeated your special day.
The raw nature of your most meaningful relationships.
The fleeting moments of breathtaking eye contact.
These wedding videos capture love as it stands between you and your beloved, on this day, at this time, with all the butterflies and delight.

So if you’re after a wedding video that is both minimal and breathtaking, please take a look around.

There are multiple packages available to suit your needs in the areas of:
-Wedding Films
-Micro Wedding Films
-Elopement Films

Get in touch to see the Our Folklore - Wedding Package and Price Guide.

Possible inclusions depending on package selection are:
- Engagement Videography
- Getting Ready
- First Looks
- Ceremony Videography
- Speeches
- Dance Floor

All packages include an in-depth in-person meet up to get to know each other and foster something more than just a business relationship. I want to know you well enough to create a film that accurately captures your unique vibe, and the stories and moments that are characteristic of your particular togetherness.
And I want you to feel at peace trusting me with all your butterflies and your joy.
Who wants a stranger wandering around with a camera at their wedding? Surely no one.

At the heart of all of these wedding films is story and relationship and I can’t wait to get to know you and revel in the excitement of your wedding day!

Prices Starting From:  $3000


Wedding Films:

FREquently asked questions
Do you travel beyond Melbourne?
I travel anywhere in Australia subject to travel fees. 
How long are your Wedding Highlight Films?
Depending on which wedding videography package you choose, highlight films range from between three minutes to ten minutes.
Do you offer Engagement Sessions?
Yes! I have an engagement session that comes as part of some wedding film packages and is included in the final film. If the package you're wanting  doesn't have an engagement session but you want one, it can be included as an add on. For more information, send me an inquiry to recieve a detailed package overview and price guide.
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